Recycling The Planet Club -Beaches, Parks and Ocean Clean Up – Monthly Subscription-

$9.99 / month

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With Recycling The Planet Club, you can have Recycling The planet get crews to clean Oceans, Rivers, Beaches, and Parks just like  hiring any service. There are no products involved to buy or shipments to wait for. Just your contribution will go 100% to clean the enviroment and our parnertship with NeatSand & NeatAqua INC allow us to have a better impact with your contribution.


How it works:

Choose how many pounds of waste and trash you want us to pull from the enviroment, you just pay  $10 for every pound you choose and we do the hard Work.

Monthly subcription:

The difference with My Pound for the Planet which it is a one-time service. and the Recycling the Planet Club allow you to contribute and fund our global enviroment cleanup project with a monthly subscription of the service My Pound for the Planet.

What you get:

After you place your order, you’ll receive a digital certificate that verifies your contribution and impact. Brag about it, Hang it up or share it on social media as a way to raise awareness about this beautiful project and inspire others to get involved!

The best thing besides the feeling of helping our planet is that

Your Contribution is 100% Tax Deductible


 Beach Cleaning Equipment