Sand Free Beach Towel Made of Recycled Plastic Bottles


Made Out of 32 Recycled plastic bottles


Double Sided Model   ( Turtles Indigo and Yellow)

  • Go Green and feel good about making a difference. Sustainably sourced from 100% recycled materials. Together we’re doing our bit to keep our planet clean.

  • Own the beach with our stunning 2 sided prints. Microfiber is a thin, ultra absorbent material. Super convenient to pack and carry. Maximize space in your luggage and closet with these compact and lightweight travel towels

  • If more fun and less work is your jam, then this sand proof beach towel is for you. Sand can’t stick to microfiber it slides right off, keeping your belongings, car and home sand free and clean.

  • Phew! You can finally say goodbye to funky damp odors because this towel is famous for drying fast. It’s engineered to quick dry 3 x faster than regular swim towels and bath towels.

  • Searching for a gift? Look no further because who doesn’t need a super cool, quality towel? It’s a surf towel, a camp towel and a gym towel ideal for women, men, kids and even dogs.


  • Towel Dimensions: 71″L x 35″W
  • Material: Recycled Plastic Microfiber
  • Item Weight: 14.2 ounces
  • Special Feature: Super Absorbent, Lightweight, Quick Dry
  • Used for: Beach, Yoga, Gym, Bath
  • Made from: 32 recycled plastic Bottles
  • Certificate Number: IDFL 19-281652

Additional information

Weight 0.88 lbs
Dimensions 11.61 × 7.86 × 1.57 in